DLC content :


Dead Dating is a PEGI 12 rated game. and The DLC : THE FULL is an upgrade patch for those who wish to play the R18 content. The differences between the two versions are described below:


More Blood

Dead Dating is the story of an escape from a life-threatening island.
Since there is a murder, there is bound to be bodies and blood.
To avoid any discomfort to the player, all the bodies in the game are shown in silhouette.
With the upgrade DLC, you can see the actual crime scene as depicted by the artist.

Cigarettes and Alcohol

In the original story design, there was a small event relating to cigarette and alcohol. We have removed it to comply with PEGI12 guidelines. However, you can download these events and related graphics through the DLC.

More Erotic

As a PEGI 12 game we have avoided all erotic elements and only kept the horny dialogues. But through the DLC updates you can see the original character look as the artist original design.

R18 version Rescue event

Please try the Adult DEMO. (Do not skip the Intro and select the props on the left)

R18 CGs

The DLC upgrade will add the R18 version of the CG event to the game.