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​Detailed description.
You will become a citizen NPC, our artist P.C.H will draw your portrait according to the photo you provided in his Art style, and we will decide the most suitable location and time for your NPC appearance according to your clothing style and dialogue content.


What You need to provide.
Dress up and provide us with a half-body photo of yourself, either front or half-side.
Name you wish to use
A message you would like your citizen NPC avatar to say, up to 100 words, but we will modify it to make it make sense for it to appear in the game. External links or code is forbidden, if you don't have an idea you can leave it to us. We'll design our own dialogue to suit your citizen avatar.


When do we start?
We will contact you via email one week after the event.


Example of completed results.

Upload your avatar information


Please provide a half-body portrait picture.

MC:Hi! what are you doing here?
You:I'm here for waiting for someone special.
MC:Hmm... I wish you luck...

The upload is done, if you want to update your NPC data, please just redo this form again. We will take the latest one and send you a copy of your setup in February 2024 for your confirmation.

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