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Dead Dating iOS version is finally released! Game and Guide App both!

Dear Sponsor, I'm so sorry for let you wait so long... it's really long...

And now it finally released on iOS via "Apple Test Flight app"


What is Test Flight?

Test flight is an Apple iOS app for close beta test, it's review is faster than publish on App store. as we now is on the Early Access process. so it's the best way for us to get and update game faster!

So please follow the step to get your Dead Dating iOS version!


Please follow the step to Download your game.



Join the Test program on our invitation page > invitation page

PS. if you are not the list, this link is useless for you.

  1. Click Start Testing on the invitation page on your iPhone, it will auto open Test Flight app and access the download link to your app.

  2. Click ACCEPT

  3. Click INSTALL ( make sure you are download the newest version 0.3.2 (6)

  4. Waiting for it finish the Install, it will auto start the game.

So when you want to reinstall the game, you just need to back to Test Flight and install it! so easy!!


Please follow the step to active the full version game.

STEP 1. Get your DLC Key from your Sponsor database or email > Sponsor Database Link

STEP 2. Click DLC option on the Logo page,

then click Request button. (I know the words is strange, but it's for pass review)

STEP 3. Key in your DLC key to active the game. If your activate is failed, it means you copied some empty space, please try keying in manually.

STEP 4. Then your iOS game will from demo become the Full version!

Any time if you want to change pack to Official Pegi 12 version, just need to trun off the DLC

Important Notices.

  1. I will keep to use Test Flight to publish the new version. because it will be faster than open publish on APP store.

  2. Join our Discord, because the fast way to get the help is ask for other players, and Stefan will be there as well.

  3. When the all development finish I will released a Final version on App Store, after that we don't need Test Flight anymore.

About Guide App ios version

  1. Please click this Guide App Test flight invitation page, and the process is totally same as the game.

  2. I will keep update the content to the guide app, makes it become a Worthy of collection E book. :D

I'm truly sorry for let you wait so long... Really thank you for your patience and understanding, the live voice pack and Chapter 5 will be completed and released to Test Flight in late January, so please keep an eye on our Discord.

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