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Dead Dating Full version APRIL CAMPAIGN IS FINISHED.

The value isn't real-time synchronized

GOAL : 45,000 USD


Thanks for your support, the funding accumulation is finish, 3 DLCs unlocking!
Thanks for your Help!



  • Achieved! Goal 1 $15,000:Richer character animation and expressions. 

All characters will have richer movements and facial emotion while conversing. it would give you a deeper interactive experience when you play the game.

  • Achieved! Goal 2 $25,000:DLC "After story - The investigation of Don's Cheating". 

After you reached the perfect ending with Don. one day Don is going to marry someone else. It all happened so fast and so suddenly that you decided to find out who the damn the other man was.

  • Achieved! Goal 3 $35,000:DLC" After story - Karl's Journey"

The story of what happens when you and KARL reach the perfect ending. You and KARL are in Moscow for some reason but he has disappeared. You will learn about KARL's past through your journey to find him.

  • Achieved! Goal 4 $45,000:DLC "After story - Ekram's Past". 

Did you know that the butcher Ekram used to be a cheerful and gentle priest? What made him the way he is now?




Extra game "Frank's suffering from photography"

Dear supporters! After you finish your Patreon sponsorship, you can get a special reward if you complete any of the following sharing missions.

 Frank received a task for photography work, he has to shoot the policemen's calendar. and you are the photographer.    Like this once-in-a-lifetime good opportunity, do you want Frank to take a boring police publicity photo and end the game? it depends on your wisdom...
  • Single stage without save slot

  • All photos taken will be saved on camera roll.

  • Convince Frank to wear the various costumes you assign.

  • Convince Frank to strike a pose of your asked.

  • Take a 360-degree photo

  • You can review the photos in Camera Rolls.

  • Support Windows | Mac | Android | iOS

  • This is a 3D game

  • Game graphics quality: Ultra, High, Mid, Low quality can be set.

  • The game can be played in VR mode on the mobile board (You have to have a mobile VR headsets).

  • The first time to play the game through the online verification

  • The Bonus game is expected to be released on August 30.

  • This is a non-sale item.

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